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Resurfacing of concrete is available depending on the condition of the existing concrete. This is a thin coating (1/16th to 1/8th of an inch) of concrete-like material (Mapei) or cementitious acrylic material (Tuf-Trac), specifically designed for resurfacing concrete. The concrete-like material is gray in color and is generally used on driveways. The Tuf-Trac is available in 40 colors. Light colors show dirt and stains more easily. This product has a paint-like appearance when first applied, but it is reinforced with acrylic and made specifically for concrete. This is a rolled-on application, creating a rolled (not a broom) finish. The sheen wears off in a couple of months and it looks more like colored concrete. This product is generally used on walkways and patios. Average life expectancy is five to ten years, depending on weather, traffic, ice melt, etc. Warranty for one year. Care: Do not use ice melt products or metal edged snow shovels on this surface. Do not use high powered pressure washers on this type of surface.

Concrete Surface Sealing/Hardening

This option of a clear sealant/hardener is deeply absorbed and chemically interacts with the components of the concrete, becoming a permanent part of the concrete. This process keeps water from being absorbed into the concrete while hardening the surface to help prevent against spalling and chipping. It is effective in situations where the concrete has aged, or it can be used as a cure on green concrete. This type of sealant is often used in commercial facilities that have a high rate of traffic/wear (supermarket/warehouse floors and arena seating areas). It is becoming more commonly used in residential applications since it extends the life of the concrete. Again, since this is a clear coating, it does not cover any imperfections or repairs in the existing concrete. Application Temperature: Above 35-40 degrees F. Cure Time: Approximately 1 hour.

Epoxy Flooring

Ninety percent of our work involves proper surface preparation. Grinding 100% of the floor surface, using the right equipment, and using the best epoxies is our recipe for sucess. The secret with epoxies is getting to know your products. We use commercial grade epoxies and know them thoroughly. Bar tops, garage floors, warehouses, commercial buildings - there are NO LIMITS! This product comes in solid colors and clear coats over vinyl flake. Care: Avoid items that will scratch the clear coat, and clean with water mixed with a mild detergent.

Vinyl Flake Epoxy Pictures

Solid Color Epoxy Pictures

Mica Flake Epoxy Pictures

Concrete Patchwork

Patch repairs are sometimes the most effective repair for damage to smaller areas, or where damage is specific - such as a hole, spalling, or damaged edges. We use several different products, depending on the requirements and color of the area being repaired. We try to blend these repairs as much as possible with the existing concrete. Patch work includes rebuilding curbs, steps, patios, and foundation corners. Application Temperature: Concrete and ambient temperature above 40 degrees F. Cure Time: Varies.

Crack & Joint Repair

Our saws and crack chasers use special blades to tear out old, failed caulking and not melt it. We can handle any material tear out - tar, urethane, silicone removal - you name it! - from residential to large commercial projects. The caulking we use for your repairs is a commercial grade product and has an elastic quality to it.

Polymer Solid Color New Look Stain

Polymer solid color stain- New Look is our newest line & most popular. It becomes an integral part of the concrete. Beautiful durable finish turns ugly concrete into a fabulous look.

Self-Leveling Underlayments

Self-leveling underlayments are an option for primarily indoor concrete problems, such as basements that have heaved, or where the slope on a slab is unacceptable due to a bad concrete pour. We can float the floor with self-leveling underlayment to a 1/4" variance over a 10' span. This can be accomplished for a fraction of the cost of replacement, without the hassle and inconvenience of breaking up the slab and hauling it out a window. This application also is very popular in new home construction to correct basement slabs. Cure Time: Approximately 24 hours.

Drain Installation and Evaluation

Drain installation and evaluation is one of our specialties. We evaluate whether installing a drain will solve your drainage problems. We install the drains so that they work properly to move water away from buildings and foundations. We have installed drains in parking garages, docks, and walkways. We have all the equipment and know-how to accomplish long runs with the proper graduated flows.

Urethane Deck Coating / Parking Garages / Large Exterior Decks

Ninety percent of successful deck coating is proper surface preparation before application - power washing, repairs, proper surface texture. Urethane deck coating is applicable for parking garage decks, mezzanines, and high traffic walkways.

Power Washing

We power wash to remove stains from vegetation, oil, grease, and rust. Chemical treatment is available depending on the type of stains. Power washing also is used to clean and prepare surfaces prior to application of sealants or hardeners. Required Temperature: above 32 degrees F.

Pool Deck Repairs

We rebuild steps, repair cracks, and perform patch work. All materials used are proven to withstand chemical attack. We restore deck surfaces with new coatings.